Trailblazing Leadership in Trucking – The Remarkable Journey of Mrs. Harry Parker!

75 years ago…”Woman Heads Trucking Firm” Mrs. Harry Parker, “a woman, working side-by-side with burly truck drivers, huge, greasy trucks and a variety of rough transportable commodities,” made the news on in June of 1949.

From the heart of Michigan’s trucking industry, we bring you the inspiring story of Mrs. Harry Parker. Following the unexpected loss of her husband, she took the helm of Parker Motor Freight years ago, ensuring the smooth operation of terminals across Michigan, including Grand Rapids and Petoskey.

Mrs. Parker’s story is one of resilience and determination. She stepped into a predominantly male industry, managing a fleet of 15 trucks, 23 tractors, and 33 semis. Her knowledge of the business at the time proved invaluable. She was not only proficient in leading operations but also exceled in maintaining strong relationships with her employees.

Balancing business and personal life, Mrs. Parker ensured her son Johnny was well cared for, driving him to school and back each day. Her commitment extended beyond her business, as she remained active in various community clubs, including the St. Frances Cabrini Club and the Daughters of Isabella.

Mrs. Parker’s story is an inspiring testament to women that have an interest in pursuing careers in business. Her journey has not only sustained Parker Motor Freight (now Automated Logistics Systems, LLC.) over the years but also enriched her life with countless friendships.

Kudos to Mrs. Parker for breaking barriers and setting an example for women everywhere. Your leadership and dedication to our company has been truly inspiring!

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