Freight Capacity

Streamline Your Freight Operations to Save Time, Money, and Space

Our comprehensive freight capacity services offer a seamless solution for all your shipping needs, whether it’s a one-time shipment, managing contracted lanes or moving complex global intermodal loads.

From meticulous planning to real-time tracking, we prioritize efficiency and reliability, ensuring your cargo reaches its destination promptly and securely, every time.



In a dynamic transportation market, unlocking a broader range of capacity options can significantly enhance your supply chain.

Elevate service quality and secure competitive rates by leveraging our extensive array of full truckload freight services and a dependable pool of truckload carriers.

We’ll help you choose the right carrier, keep costs low, and get your product to its destination on time and on budget.

As a shipper dealing with Less Than Truckload (LTL) shipments, it’s crucial to have the flexibility and visibility to proactively address any challenge — a crucial initial step towards achieving outstanding results. With ALS, we comprehensively address all your Less Than Truckload needs, providing complete coverage from every perspective.

Get the right shipping solution for your freight, regardless of size or weight.

Flatbed transportation can be intricate, involving straightforward open-deck shipping requests, detailed planning tasks, and a myriad of freight configurations. Each of these demands specific flatbed equipment and accessories. Ensure the seamless movement of your distinctive freight with the assistance of our knowledgeable flatbed experts.

No matter the distance, easily navigate the complex international market with full access to our network of air and ocean partnerships.

Each supply chain comes with its distinct requirements. Rely on our extensive air & ocean freight services, global reach, and local expertise to provide tailored and dependable solutions that align with your specific needs. Rest assured that your freight will reach its destination as planned with our customized services.

Ship your freight long distances seamlessly between truck, plane and cargo ship, meeting your deadlines with the most cost-effective solutions.

Enhancing your over-the-road shipments with intermodal capacity provides a range of new advantages for your business. Our team of experts, coupled with advanced technology and intermodal solutions, works collaboratively to mitigate the effects of seasonal variations, environmental factors, regulatory changes, and industry fluctuations. This comprehensive approach aims to safeguard your bottom line from potential negative impacts.

Safely ship your temperature-sensitive freight with our temperature-controlled shipping solutions.

Shipping products that necessitate cold chain handling introduces a complex set of business risks, and we are here to address them comprehensively. Leveraging our expertise across all commodities and in-depth knowledge of regulations, you’ll have the resources needed to overcome any challenge in the cold chain logistics process.

Why Choose ALS For Your Freight Capacity?

Gain access to our comprehensive freight services, covering everything from one-time shipments to the oversight of contracted lanes and global intermodal loads. Optimize your logistics for maximum efficiency with our versatile solutions.

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The ALS team stands out from the competition when it comes to experience and customer service.

Our objective is to consistently exceed expectations by providing proactive communication and top-notch service for your freight needs. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority. Access a dedicated 24/7 team committed to monitoring and managing your freight efficiently.


We commit to delivering ongoing value which is driven by our Continuous Improvement Roadmap process.

We hold the belief that genuine partnership is fueled by collaboration. This approach establishes a structured cadence for aligning on goals, transparently reporting on our performance, and outlining future strategic initiatives that are important to you.


Leverage the power of modern logistics applications without the time-consuming, costly, and IT resource-dependent implementations.

We utilizing TMS, Power BI, and MacroPoint connectivity to ensure a seamless user experience and centralized visibility. These technologies empower us to unleash creativity and tailor a solution specifically designed for you, and you alone.

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Save Time, Money, and Space With Our Freight Capacity

At ALS, you’re not only receiving our dedicated attention, support, and care; you’re also gaining access to competitive pricing, timely coverage, and our network of trusted carriers.

Order Capture

Our proprietary technology allows for flexible input formats to achieve a uniformed output and automatic order building in to our TMS.

Once the releases are sent, ALS handles the rest and proactively escalates any exceptions while there is still time for adjustments. The ALS Connect middleware is a flexible solution that allows your business to connect to ALS without overhauling your current process.