Optimize Efficiency In Your Supply Chain

Our collaborative approach to providing best-in-class warehousing and distribution services encompasses customized solutions, operational excellence, and leading-edge technology so that you and your customers get the service and performance you expect from your logistics partner.

Value-Added Warehousing Services

We redefine the standards of warehousing through our exceptional value-add warehousing services.

From customized packaging and labeling to kitting and assembly, we tailor our offerings to meet the unique needs of your business. Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped with advanced technology to ensure real-time visibility and control over your inventory. At ALS, we understand that efficiency is key, and our team of dedicated professionals is committed to providing cost-effective solutions that enhance the overall performance of your logistics operations.

Consolidation & Deconsolidation

We can either aggregate freight from multiple locations into full truckload shipments or separate full shipments into separate loads—it just depends on what you need. 

Our facilities in Jackson, MI, and Laredo, TX offer convenient consolidation and deconsolidation points, serving industries throughout North America. 

Not to mention, our consolidation services can improve your transit time and reduce handling points, avoiding damage risks. And on average, warehousing is more cost effective (20-45% savings) and eco-friendly (37-59% smaller carbon footprint) than traditional LTL.

We are able to allow manufacturers to store their imported products and ship out as if it were made here, helping you avoid costly tariffs, delays, and costs that come with importing products into the United States from other countries.

For example, we currently operate 21 different suppliers coming out of Asia and into North America for one of our customers. 

We’ll handle everything from managing warehouse staff to optimizing storage space and costs.

Not to mention, our Microsoft Power BI metrics offer real-time visibility and order updates around the clock.

We can assemble specific products together, “Kitting” them for redistribution so you don’t have to.

This service can reduce shipping and packing costs, reduce travel time, help with space optimization, and more.

Whether you’re looking to reduce the size or weight of your final shipment, add your company’s branded packaging, or reconfigure a product, we have the capabilities to unpack and repack your shipments.

With over 10 years of experience handling steel and other machinery products, we’re ready for any type of special handling requirements you might have.

We also manage oversized pallets and drums, with integrated scale systems. Whatever the case, we’ll make sure to take good care of your investment. 

We’ll receive, store, and ship your complete pallets with ease—eliminating manual labor and costs, enabling faster product turnover, and reducing potential damages.

With the proper rigging hardware needed to meet your business’ heavy lift requirements, we make transferring your freight from one mode of transport to another easy.

Consolidation &

Foreign Trade
Zone (FTZ)

Inventory Management
& Visibility




Standard “Pallet In
Pallet Out” (PIPO)



Our storage solutions are integrated with our international and domestic shipping services so we can offer seamless supply chain management.

Jackson, Michigan

As an accredited Foreign Trade Zone, our facility in Jackson, MI provides valuable tax incentives strategically designed to reduce costs related to duties and merchandise processing fees. These incentives aim to ease the financial burden of cross-border shipments, offering you significant savings in the process.

Laredo, Texas

Situated 10 minutes from the International Bridge at Laredo, TX, ALS operates a strategically positioned warehousing facility in Laredo. This location is designed to revolutionize your cross-border freight experience through comprehensive solutions such as transloading, inventory management, and distribution services.

Why Choose ALS For Your Warehousing Needs?

With state-of-the-art technology, our clients have experienced faster order fulfillment, reduced errors, and improved overall supply chain performance.

ALS’ commitment to automation translates into cost savings, increased accuracy, and a seamless logistics experience, making us the ideal partner for optimizing your warehousing needs.

Bilingual Staff

Established Customs Relationships

Highly Secured Warehousing

Proper Rigging Equipment

Cargo Insurance

Tailored Pricing
& Savings Targets


Take Advantage of Our Value-Add Warehousing Services and Let Us Create Your Custom Warehouse Freight Solution

With warehouse space in strategic locations, our robust warehousing solutions allow you to manage your inventory and distribute your product quickly.

Order Capture

Our proprietary technology allows for flexible input formats to achieve a uniformed output and automatic order building in to our TMS.

Once the releases are sent, ALS handles the rest and proactively escalates any exceptions while there is still time for adjustments. The ALS Connect middleware is a flexible solution that allows your business to connect to ALS without overhauling your current process.