Case Studies

Delivering Customized Solutions for Your Most Complex Logistics Project Moves

Project Size and Complexity: ALS undertook the transportation of a substantial 2,500-ton press, comprising of two pieces weighing over 300,000 lbs. each, along with approximately…

Utilizing A Consolidation Strategy To Streamline Cross Border Logistics 

The client’s network included 27 suppliers throughout Mexico that frequently supplied very time sensitive less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments to their plants in the US and Canada….

Realizing Comprehensive Supply Chain Transparency and Aligning with Organizational Objectives through Upstream Management Integration 

The root of the client’s problem was that they had a decentralized supply chain strategy amongst their four plants. Because of this decentralized strategy, they…

Revolutionizing Supply Chain Efficiency: How ALS Transformed Operations Through Upstream Integration 

Prior to this client connecting with Automated Logistics Systems, they were with an incumbent 3PL provider that was not managing their supplier base effectively. The…

Order Capture

Our proprietary technology allows for flexible input formats to achieve a uniformed output and automatic order building in to our TMS.

Once the releases are sent, ALS handles the rest and proactively escalates any exceptions while there is still time for adjustments. The ALS Connect middleware is a flexible solution that allows your business to connect to ALS without overhauling your current process.