Confidently Move Your Freight Across American Borders

Having accumulated two decades of expertise in North American cross-border operations, our dedicated team of bilingual logistics experts are with you every step of the way to handle the complexities of cross-border shipments and ensure safe and prompt delivery.

At ALS, we leverage our expansive network to select from the best North American carriers to move your freight in and out of the US 24/7/365. All while providing you with the world-class customer service we are known for.

Cross-Border Services

Our consolidation services can tailor a solutions to your specific needs.

Utilizing our warehousing facilities in Jackson, MI, Laredo, TX, and partner facilities across North America, we can able to analyze and identify potential consolidation opportunities to best optimize your supply chain.

ALS takes charge of the intricate customs clearance process, facilitating a seamless flow between the shipper, customs broker, consignee, and carrier.

Our hands-on approach ensures a swift and secure delivery, managing each step meticulously from the initial sender to the final recipient.

We allow manufacturers to store their imported products and ship them out as if they were made here, helping you avoid costly tariffs, delays, and costs that come with importing products into the United States from other countries.

For example, we currently operate over 25 different suppliers coming out of Asia and into North America for one of our clients.

Safeguarding your shipments is important to us. Our commitment extends beyond just delivering your goods; we prioritize their safety and quality every step of the way.

With our comprehensive high-value cargo insurance, your freight is not only protected but given the utmost care and attention. 

Seamlessly transfer freight between various modes of transportation.

With the right rigging hardware in place to accommodate heavy lifting needs, we can able to ensure smooth transitions across North American borders.

Stay informed about your freight’s precise location with uninterrupted 24/7 GPS tracking.

You also get access to Microsoft Power BI analytics, providing real-time visibility into orders and updates, ensuring constant monitoring and management across borders.

Laredo, TX

Located just 10 minutes from the International Bridge in Laredo, TX, ALS maintains a key impact warehousing location in Laredo to change the way you experience cross-border freight with transloading, inventory, and distribution solutions.

Jackson, MI

As a certified Foreign Trade Zone, our Jackson, MI facility saves you thousands in duties and merchandise processing fees, offers inventory tax incentives, and more, making cross-border shipments easier on your budget and your supply chain’s overall efficiency.

By the Numbers

Annual cross-border shipments
executed by ALS
Mexico cross-border carriers
with established relationships
CTPAT Certified Carriers

Cross-Border Shipping Doesn’t Need to be Complicated

It just takes experience, like the decades of boots-on-the-ground experience of our ALS cross-border team.

We have our finger on the pulse of ever-changing market conditions, regulations and shipping trends, to help equip you to discover creative solutions to your cross-border shipping challenges.

Why Choose ALS For Your Cross-Border Freight?

We are backed by decades of experience streamlining cross-border freight movement using advanced technologies that optimize route planning, minimize delays, and provide real-time visibility, allowing for greater control and predictability in your supply chain.

Our seamless integration of automated cross-docking, transloading, and customs brokerage services, saves time and reduces the likelihood of disruptions, all while ensuring your cargo is in the hands of trusted carriers that meet our high standards of performance.

Bilingual Staff

Established Customs Relationships

Highly Secured Warehousing

Proper Rigging Equipment

Seamless Cross Docking
& Transloading

Continuous 24/7
GPS Tracking

Trusted & CTPAT
Certified Carriers

Connect with The ALS Cross-Border Team

ALS has the resources and experience needed to handle your most unique and complex shipments, so you don’t have to.

Let’s discuss your cross-border needs and let us customize an efficient solution that meets your expectations.

Order Capture

Our proprietary technology allows for flexible input formats to achieve a uniformed output and automatic order building in to our TMS.

Once the releases are sent, ALS handles the rest and proactively escalates any exceptions while there is still time for adjustments. The ALS Connect middleware is a flexible solution that allows your business to connect to ALS without overhauling your current process.