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Automated Logistics Systems Launches QuestaWeb at Its Jackson, Michigan, Warehouse Facility to Bolster Foreign Trade Zone Operations After Raised Tariffs

JACKSON, Mich., June 10, 2024 — Automated Logistics Systems (ALS), a family-owned and operated third-party logistics company, is pleased to announce the launch of QuestaWeb, a leading provider of foreign trade zone (FTZ) and customs compliance solutions. This strategic investment helps ALS double down on its commitment to foreign trade.

“You can’t shut off international trade and it’s not going away anytime soon,” said Paul McDonald, Strategic Advisor at Automated Logistics Systems. “That’s why we invested in this new technology. With our FTZ already established at the Jackson, Michigan, warehouse, we wanted to make customs compliance as easy as possible for our customers.” 

The use of QuestaWeb enables ALS to automate customs filing procedures, ensure compliance with US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) regulations, digitize back-office operations, and increase shipment visibility. “Customs compliance is imperative and we wanted to raise the bar on our current FTZ operations. QuestaWeb allows us to do just that,” said McDonald.

After President Biden raised tariffs on select goods from China, studies have shown that wholesalers and manufacturers are not passing the additional tariff costs off to the consumer. Instead, they are eating the cost. That is why Foreign Trade Zones are such a benefit in today’s global trade environment, offering wholesalers and manufacturers the competitive advantage of deferring customs duties until their goods leave the FTZ for the domestic market, providing significant cash flow advantages.

As an accredited Foreign Trade Zone, ALS’ Jackson, Michigan, facility is ideal for many reasons. It is centrally located between several metropolitan markets, has easy I-94 access, can run 60-75% cheaper than the metro Detroit warehousing market, and helps wholesalers and manufacturers defer tariffs until goods leave the FTZ for the domestic market. “And now, with the new addition of QuestaWeb, we can better ease the burden of cross-border shipments as a whole,” said McDonald.

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About Automated Logistics Systems:

Automated Logistics Systems is a family-owned and family-focused logistics company with locations in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Jackson, Michigan, Laredo, Texas, and Monterrey, Mexico. ALS has nearly a decade of experience supporting some of the largest supply chain networks that require precise, timely deliveries. Customers can expect tailored logistics solutions including managed transportation, freight capacity, project logistics, cross-border, FTZ warehousing, consolidation, and more.

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