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Client Overview

In a recent strategic move geared towards fortifying their manufacturing capabilities, one of our clients made a substantial financial investment to enhance one of their flagship facilities. This initiative encompassed the procurement of many large pieces of cutting-edge capital equipment, with the centerpiece being a robust 2,500-ton press. Their investment in newly acquired equipment demanded a specialized relocation process, ensuring a seamless integration into their facility.

The Challenge

Project Size and Complexity: ALS undertook the transportation of a substantial 2,500-ton press, comprising of two pieces weighing over 300,000 lbs. each, along with approximately 20 other components necessitating specialized trailers and equipment. The transportation logistics involved local legal weight and dimension criteria, requiring a mix of dry van and Conestoga flatbed transportation modes. The intricacies of the project were magnified by the need to deliver the largest parts to Mobile, AL, and other components to Newark, NJ, with a critical emphasis on meeting installation deadlines and minimizing port handling and storage fees.

Permitting Hurdles: Despite meticulous planning, trucking permits for the oversized shipment were not approved in Alabama, particularly impacting the arrival in Mobile. This unexpected challenge prompted ALS to devise an alternative solution to navigate the permitting constraints.

Delivery Site Complexities: ALS dispatched an on-site team to collaborate with the rigging company, crane operator, customer, and trucking company. However, ongoing construction near the designated press location required a partial shutdown of the area, adding another layer of complexity. Navigating through residential streets with construction hindrances posed additional challenges, necessitating an immediate reassessment of the original route and the exploration of alternative pathways through the predominantly residential area.

The Solution

Project Size and Strategic Planning: ALS employed advanced load planning software to optimize the efficiency of the transportation process, minimizing the required number of trucks for smaller shipments. A comparison of arrival times at each port with the specified deadlines to the client’s plant revealed a scheduling challenge. ALS, in collaboration with the client’s plant, successfully allocated space for early components near the delivery door, showcasing the adaptability of the project management approach. The creation of a detailed delivery schedule and close coordination with riggers aimed to minimize costs at the port and with the crew. Collaborating with specialized carriers further ensured the procurement of the most cost-effective solution for the client.

Innovative Solutions to Permit Challenges: Faced with the unexpected hurdle of shipping the largest pieces by truck in Alabama, ALS swiftly evaluated alternative options. Unalterable delivery ports led ALS to engage a barge company in Mobile, AL, capable of supporting the transportation of such sizable components. ALS devised a solution involving the barge transport of 14 of the largest pieces to Burns Harbor, IN, followed by truck transportation to Detroit, MI. Simultaneously, ALS continued supporting direct discharge at both the AL and NJ terminals to mitigate port fees, showcasing a dynamic and adaptable approach even in the face of unexpected challenges. The seamless execution on the port arrival day, despite the 30-day barge journey up the Mississippi River, reflected ALS’s strategic planning and operational excellence.

Addressing Delivery Site Complexities: ALS proactively tackled delivery site challenges by creating comprehensive truck layouts, delivery plan documents, and an overhead site map with drawings detailing the super load unloading process. A strategic shift in the route to the plant through a different exit was identified, showcasing ALS’s commitment to optimizing transportation efficiency. Rigorous preparation ensured a flawlessly executed unloading process, minimizing downtime for the client and exemplifying ALS’s commitment to meticulous planning and problem-solving.

The Results

The results can be best summarized by a quote directly from our client… “The ALS team garners kudos from all areas of our company when it comes to large scale project logistics management. The transportation of capital assets like presses and injection mold machines requires a team that can handle lots of moving parts. ALS proves to be a solid partner for us in this area of logistics. From effectively creating a working transportation budget to coordinating ocean freight, ground super loads, and even barge transportation, ALS gives us the transparency needed that ensures we are in good hands. They excel in communication, ensuring that all parties stay engaged and informed. When even your rigger praises the logistics provider, you know you’ve found a winner. For us, that winner is Automated Logistics Services.” — Director, Logistics & Customs

ALS saved the client over $150,000 on this project vs. the closest competitor

Key Tools / Solutions

• Tracking and Visibility
• Project Logistics Management
• Route Optimization
• On-Site Management

Additional Benefits

• Project Logistics Expertise & Experience
• Cost Efficiency & Time Savings
• Risk Mitigation
• Compliance Assurance
• Post-Project Evaluation

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